Yorkshire Engagement Shoot on Ilkley Moor

So this post is long overdue, the sun is shining and we have been enjoying some proper Summer weather. Whilst going through my blog I noticed this post in my drafts folder (you can see how cold it was when Becs, Chris and I did this shoot!) and it does relate to a gorgeous wedding I shot in December at Ellingham Hall.So here it is, albeit out of season.


Engagement shoots are something in which I encourage my clients to invest….it’s more of a time investment than anything else but it can make such a difference to how we work together on your wedding day. My style of photography is “documentary”, in that I stand back, unobtrusively photographing as events unfold on your wedding day.

However, I will always have some time together with a couple to make some beautiful portraits in those magical moments immediately after they have got married. It is at this point that having had an engagement shoot comes in….I will never ask you to do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable, for most of my clients they have booked me primarily because they want my documentary non-posed style even when it comes to photos of them together and they generally want these to be as relaxed and as natural as possible. So, it is to this end that I work when we are on the engagement shoot itself. Simple things like walking, holding hands, doing natural things in a bigger environment, allowing the scenery and surroundings to make a statement. These are all things we can practise on your engagement shoot so when it comes to your wedding day you know what to expect and therefore relax.

It works as it builds the trust between us, we have each invested a little of ourselves, know a little more about one another, leaving us in a great place to shoot some fantastic couples shots on the wedding day itself. Job done!

A super by product of an engagement shoot is that a couple also have some beautiful images of themselves, taken in different surroundings and season to their wedding images but yet are another happy memory of a very special time in their lives.

Engagement photography- Suzy Mitchell Photography












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