Yorkshire Wedding Photographer-Suzy Mitchell Photography- Best of 2016!


With one more wedding to shoot before the end of the month it seems like the perfect time to write this post. 2016 has been my busiest wedding year to date with many stunning Yorkshire Weddings photographed, combined with a manic personal life with teens, frenetic household, busy husband has made for some interesting times,but I wouldn’t change things for the world; I feel I have risen to the challenges (and they have been tough) and somehow out of it all my imagery has got stronger and I’ve have thrived. Photography has been my escape, my passion and when I am in ” the zone” it is all consuming and that for me is it’s lure. With the help of my wonderfully supportive husband, I have managed to have probably the best year ever photographically …..I seem to have hit my stride, found my photographic niche and really motored when it comes to recording and yet simultaneously creating images under the stress of the wedding day environment and it is when those two elements combine the magic happens. I try never to direct my clients preferring the observational approach but as a wedding day unfolds I will be there creatively seeking the best angles, positions and approaches.

As a family we have had some of the best times in 2016, an amazing trip to New York being a highlight, where I took time out to recharge and fill my visual soul with lots and lots ( far too many if you ask our girls) art galleries and exhibitions. My favourite photos were the snaps we took of us all skating together with our American friends at the Rockefeller ice rink, laughing and catching up and it is this interaction between families and loved ones which I want to capture for my clients…. I may occasionally dabble in a few posed couple shots with dramatic skies and lots of photoshop but for me the real essence of a great photo is the capturing of the emotion and joy between people…a wedding is an amazing place for a photographer! Looking through this year’s weddings the most successful images by far are the ones which tell a story, my first image shows a bride’s anticipation and apprehension in those last few seconds before she walks into church.

Once again I reached the final of the Guild of Photographers wedding image of the year, I didn’t win but getting on that shortlist was pretty exciting and attending the awards dinner was a blast. Achieving a GOLD bar for a non wedding image which formed part of my personal work was pretty much up there too.

Perhaps my work is best described as “a quiet and gentle observation of emotion.”

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