The Devonshire Arms- A styled Shoot

I am always wary of shooting styled shoots which don’t have a real purpose behind them…they take way more planning, organising and time than anyone envisages at the outset BUT when done with a real aim behind it, as this shoot back in March at the Devonshire Arms  at Bolton Abbey hopefully demonstrates, the results are worth all the effort! The idea came from the Devonshire’s marketing department…they wanted a set of images which showcased the hotel’s quintessentially English Country gardens and which they could use in literature and on line for advertising etc. So, working together with the other recommended suppliers used regularly by the hotel and with the help of Lena and Harry our models we produced this set of images; Lena was perfect for the “English Rose” feel we were looking for and if you check out the out takes at the end of the post you can see it wasn’t all work- there was lots of banter!

My “real wedding” photography style is  more documentary than this but actually crafting the shots without time pressures and with the sole aim of making beautiful imagery was a luxury I cannot always afford when I am shooting commissioned weddings for clients.

How lovely it was to spend time with this group of creative, thoughtful and funny people…..not forgetting Monty the dog.


Vanessa at Wildflowers Ilkley

Donna at Ambience Venue Styling

Anita at Anita Massarella Design

Eric Spencer Menswear Ilkley

Amy George MUA


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Yorkshire Engagement Shoot on Ilkley Moor

So this post is long overdue, the sun is shining and we have been enjoying some proper Summer weather. Whilst going through my blog I noticed this post in my drafts folder (you can see how cold it was when Becs, Chris and I did this shoot!) and it does relate to a gorgeous wedding I shot in December at Ellingham Hall.So here it is, albeit out of season.


Engagement shoots are something in which I encourage my clients to invest….it’s more of a time investment than anything else but it can make such a difference to how we work together on your wedding day. My style of photography is “documentary”, in that I stand back, unobtrusively photographing as events unfold on your wedding day.

However, I will always have some time together with a couple to make some beautiful portraits in those magical moments immediately after they have got married. It is at this point that having had an engagement shoot comes in….I will never ask you to do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable, for most of my clients they have booked me primarily because they want my documentary non-posed style even when it comes to photos of them together and they generally want these to be as relaxed and as natural as possible. So, it is to this end that I work when we are on the engagement shoot itself. Simple things like walking, holding hands, doing natural things in a bigger environment, allowing the scenery and surroundings to make a statement. These are all things we can practise on your engagement shoot so when it comes to your wedding day you know what to expect and therefore relax.

It works as it builds the trust between us, we have each invested a little of ourselves, know a little more about one another, leaving us in a great place to shoot some fantastic couples shots on the wedding day itself. Job done!

A super by product of an engagement shoot is that a couple also have some beautiful images of themselves, taken in different surroundings and season to their wedding images but yet are another happy memory of a very special time in their lives.

Engagement photography- Suzy Mitchell Photography












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The Devonshire Arms – Chloe and Adam’s April Wedding

Well what can I say about Chloe and Adam? Fun, compassionate, kind and smart are the first words which spring to mind….and so calm in the run up to their big day. The sun shone, guests broke out into their dresses and heels (well the girls anyway!) and all had a perfect day basking in the glorious April sun. From a photographer’s point of view there was almost too much of the orange stuff, but it made for some wonderful shadows on the front of the church and also allowed us to shoot later on into the evening. One of my favourite images from the day was taken as the bridal party and guests enjoyed the wedding breakfast and I walked around the gardens and spotted the hotel beautifully illuminated by the warm evening sun, turning the stone work a soft shade of gold.The Devonshire Arms set in the stunning Yorkshire Dales is one of my very favourite venues in Yorkshire.

Chloe and Adam were a delight to work with and really allowed me to “document” their wedding in my reportage, observational style…we shot a few groups and there was a little bit of guidance for their couple shots but other than that the day was captured very much as it happened, with me shooting away in the background.

From bridal preparations through to the first dance the day was a delight. I spent a really memorable day with you both and wish you the very best of times together in the future. Thank you so much for booking your wedding photography with me.

Flowers by Vanessa

Venue Styling

Wedding Cake

Suzy Mitchell Photography-006

Suzy Mitchell Photography-002

Suzy Mitchell Photography-001

_MG_3338_Suzy Mitchell Photography-Yorkshire Wedding Photographer-Ilkley Wedding-Photograpehr

Suzy Mitchell Photography-008

Suzy Mitchell Photography-007

_MG_3392_Suzy Mitchell Photography-Yorkshire Wedding Photographer-Ilkley Wedding-Photograpehr

Suzy Mitchell Photography-010

Suzy Mitchell Photography-009

Suzy Mitchell Photography-011

Suzy Mitchell Photography-012

Suzy Mitchell Photography-074

Suzy Mitchell Photography-013

Suzy Mitchell Photography-014

Suzy Mitchell Photography-015

Suzy Mitchell Photography-016

Suzy Mitchell Photography-017

Suzy Mitchell Photography-018

Suzy Mitchell Photography-019

Suzy Mitchell Photography-020

Suzy Mitchell Photography-021

Suzy Mitchell Photography-022

Suzy Mitchell Photography-023

Suzy Mitchell Photography-024

Suzy Mitchell Photography-025

Suzy Mitchell Photography-026

Suzy Mitchell Photography-027

Suzy Mitchell Photography-028

Suzy Mitchell Photography-029

Suzy Mitchell Photography-075

Suzy Mitchell Photography-030

Suzy Mitchell Photography-031

Suzy Mitchell Photography-032

Suzy Mitchell Photography-033

Suzy Mitchell Photography-034

Suzy Mitchell Photography-035

Suzy Mitchell Photography-036

Suzy Mitchell Photography-037

Suzy Mitchell Photography-039

Suzy Mitchell Photography-038

Suzy Mitchell Photography-041

Suzy Mitchell Photography-040

Suzy Mitchell Photography-042

Suzy Mitchell Photography-043

Suzy Mitchell Photography-044

Suzy Mitchell Photography-045

Suzy Mitchell Photography-046

Suzy Mitchell Photography-047

Suzy Mitchell Photography-048

Suzy Mitchell Photography-049

Suzy Mitchell Photography-050

Suzy Mitchell Photography-051

Suzy Mitchell Photography-052

Suzy Mitchell Photography-053

Suzy Mitchell Photography-054

Suzy Mitchell Photography-055

Suzy Mitchell Photography-056

Suzy Mitchell Photography-057

Suzy Mitchell Photography-058

Suzy Mitchell Photography-059

Suzy Mitchell Photography-060

Suzy Mitchell Photography-061

Suzy Mitchell Photography-062

Suzy Mitchell Photography-063

Suzy Mitchell Photography-064

Suzy Mitchell Photography-065

Suzy Mitchell Photography-066

Suzy Mitchell Photography-067

Suzy Mitchell Photography-068

Suzy Mitchell Photography-069

Suzy Mitchell Photography-070

Suzy Mitchell Photography-071

Suzy Mitchell Photography-072

Suzy Mitchell Photography-073

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Yorkshire Children’s Black and White Photographer

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Yorkshire Wedding Photographer- The Beautiful Devonshire Arms Hotel

The Devonshire Arms Hotel

As a Yorkshire Wedding photographer I am lucky enough to be a regular visitor to this beautiful hotel, set in the tranquil Yorkshire Dales. Couples form all over the world choose to marry here; I am still in touch with couples whose weddings I have shot who came from as far a field as Savannah in Georgia, Australia, Dubai and Malaysia. It is in it’s own quiet and unassuming way, a truly international hotel.

A new wedding season is about to get underway, with quite a few wedding bookings at the Devonshire for me to photograph so I have picked out some images from a few recent weddings which show the green, rich countryside in which the hotel is set and illustrate how this can be a wonderful backdrop for your wedding photographs. I will be adding to it as the season progresses.
Here is the link to my website’s wedding gallery where you can see other images from the Devonshire Arms and other Yorkshire venues

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Yorkshire Family Portrait Photography

Recently I enjoyed an illuminating conversation with an acquaintance, we share a mutual friend. It was at the mutual friend’s birthday dinner that we found ourselves sitting next to one another. Somewhere between desert and coffee she turned to me and said. “I love your work, would have booked you years ago to come and do a family portrait shoot but my husband always says he can do it just as well himself!” This is indicative of what portrait photographers are up against….Men with kit! Now I have never seen this gentleman’s work, he may well be pro standard and produce amazing photographs, but even if he is, he is missing the point.

As the years slip by, shouldn’t we be asking who are we photographing for? Surely for our children and future generations. Whilst I am sure that their grown up selves will enjoy the fine art style images of them as children, it will actually be those images which show their connection with siblings and parents which will resonate the most and be so precious; It is the love we have for one another as a family which needs recording.





Those images which show emotion and reflect the love that children have for each other, for their parents, sisters, brothers and Grandparents which are likely to be the most cherished. Below are some very different images and approaches, each worked well for the families in question.




In fairness, I am one of the worst offenders for not being in any family photographs. We have so many lovely photographs of our girls interacting with Andrew, laughing and hugging him. He is very adored! I am not in them because I am behind the camera, which is without doubt my own fault. Andrew’s photographic efforts in the children’s early years ensured that he wasn’t entrusted with the camera again! We usually ended up as tiny specks in one of the lower corners of the frame despite my setting up the shots!

Fortunately these Mums had me on the job for their family photo shoots!





So I have made a resolution! No more relegating parents to a few photos at the end of the family photo session…In the last 12 months I have been making a conscious effort to make them a more integral part of the shoot. Here is an image from a Family portrait shoot taken at the end of last year.

What I also love about this image is that I photographed the parents wedding, pre wedding shoot, and now a shoot with all 4 of them as a family unit! It represents so much more than just a family portrait. The images I have taken over the years are on display in their home.


Had I got the opportunity to chat to the husband, the subject of my conversation at dinner, I might have pointed out that however good his photos are, perhaps he needed to be in just a few of them! I might also have suggested that whilst good family portrait photography is expensive, a luxury and an investment, it is also an experience to be recorded as a family, capturing emotion between it’s members and beautifully recording the story of your family and presented as a piece of photographic art which is going to mean so much to your children and future generations. For that to happen, everyone needs to be in the photographs!

Ladies, start dropping hints… It will be your birthday, wedding anniversary, your husband’s birthday and failing all else, Mothers’Day, very soon!

To see more of my work including family portraiture have a look at the gallery on my web site

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The other day, as photographers do in the dark Winter months, I was updating my web site’s wedding gallery and doing general non photographic “businessy” things; Looking at the images started me thinking about my “ ideal client” and decided that whilst there really isn’t such a thing as a “perfect” client any more than there is a “perfect” photographer, I came to the conclusion that the most successful relationships come when at least some, if not all, of the following are present.


Loving my style of photography is a pre requisite to booking. I want brides who love my documentary style, and it usually is a “she” but not exclusively. I have had some great chats about photography with prospective grooms too! Buying into my style and approach is so important. So much of what I do on a wedding day will be “documentary” in feel with a little time set aside for some slightly more composed photographs of a couple. Those who are looking to book just to tick off photography on their “wedmin” list are not the best fit for me! It’s those who want to see the most important day of their lives,through my eyes,in my documentary, observational style and handed back to them in the imagery I produce.

Documentary Wedding Image Suzy Mitchell Photography

The lovely Becky, whose wedding I shot last Summer, dropped me a text the day afters received her album in which she summed this up perfectly

“ Suzy, The photos are absolutely stunning and will forever remind us of the most beautiful day. You have captured the whole day and told it back to us through the photographs. It is incredible, thank you. Becky xx”

There are many, many photographers out there…. some heavily photoshopping their images. It is a more theatrical approach but far more set up and posed that anything I would feel comfortable producing. That said it has a market, just not my market.

When I photograph a wedding I seek to anticipate the next moment, relying on my experience I can work out what is likely to happen next, get myself into position, frame a composition in my mind before I ever press the shutter. So, although my images look natural, even candid and above all documentary they are in reality purposefully crafted, considered and consistent.

I love this quiet image of a bride just before she entered church, she is gathering herself, stealing her nerves and is about to step forward to the next stage in her life. It says so much.

Documentary Wedding image Suzy Mitchell Photography

In 2015 The Guild of Photographers awarded me the “ Documentary Wedding Image of the year” Here is the link

This is probably one of my all time favourite images….the rain was so heavy and all involved were so anxious but there really was no choice other than to make a dash for the church door!


On a less stressful note I love this image taken in December last year – again not staged but as I turned round all this banter was going on!

Documentary wedding image Suzy Mitchell Photography

The lost cricket ball at this Marquee wedding last Summer caused some consternation!

Documentary wedding photography Suzy Mitchell photography

The little girls below were unaware this was even being taken. Love their differing expressions.

Documentary wedding image Suzy Mitchell Photography


The ideal client needs to be someone who can engage and wants to collaborate with me, working together towards those relaxed,documentary images which we both seek. To this end I hold a pre wedding consultation with each couple to better focus on what is really important to them. Pinterest, on line blogs and wedding magazines are fantastic resources and really help clients convey their vision to me.

I explain that for most of the day I will be working in the background, unobtrusively documenting all that happens, but that there may be moments when I see fantastic light or an amazing backdrop and I’ll gently move or reposition so as to capitalise on these. This leads me onto trust. Trusting me as your photographer to be doing the very best I can for you, utilizing the environment to the max and guiding you through the photography on the big day. Trust is a big one!

Black and White documentary wedding photography Image Suzy Mitchell Photography

It was really helpful that I had Skyped with Ksenia and met her a few days before her wedding for a full consultation….it was quite a big ask to suggest they walked together through the day trippers by the river holding hands. But I am guessing that having spent some time with me they just decided to “go for it!” So glad they did! This is a great example of seeing an idea, a fantastic backdrop and then utilising it in the image.

3) TRUST -is only really built up when we get to know one another. For this reason I like to have a pre wedding shoot with clients. This is a low key, relaxed shoot, usually a few months before your wedding where we will try out a few ideas for the all important little session we will have on your wedding day when it is just you and me and my camera! . It’s helps me to see what you are comfortable with, how relaxed you are on the other side of the lens and for you to tell me any ideas you have or shots you have seen that we might like to emulate. I can use the pre wedding shoot to do this and then on your wedding day we can start from where we left off and work towards gentle, relaxed imagery, still with that very documentary feel which will sit well with the rest of the photographs I will be taking.

Here are a couple from Alex and Joe’s pre wed….



Here is the link to the pre wedding shoot gallery on my website


When you book me to be your wedding photographer we are in effect investing in each other. We will each be giving something of ourselves; I need to see a little of who you are, what makes you “you.” Relaxed documentary imagery doesn’t just happen; It takes a little time and some trust. Even if logistics mean we can’t meet before your wedding day at the very least a few Skype sessions can make a massive difference.

Documentary photography looks easy, it isn’t! So often I hear that a couple are asking a relative with a “good camera” to document their day. This raises a few questions. Does he or she have the skill set to know what to do if the promised blue sky and sun is in fact a force 10 gale and driving rain? Will they be able to produce a full set of perfectly edited images showing each part of your wedding day? How long will it take them to get the images to you after the wedding? Will they be unobtrusive on the day? In the end your photographs will be your reminder of the best day of your lives and the quality of the images in your album should be commensurate with their importance as family heirlooms and as an artistic document of your wedding day.

Below is an excerpt from an on line article published by “Rock N Roll Bride” back in the Spring last year.

” There appears to be a complete lack of value placed on what a professional wedding photographer actually does. And believe me, its way more than having a fancy camera, lighting equipment and retouching software installed on their computer.
“When it comes to other aspects of the wedding where a couple might want to save money, they always also seem to understand that cutting corners involves some element of risk. I’ve spoken to countless brides who’ve ordered dresses online from China for example, but they always preface by saying “I knew it was a gamble, but I thought it was worth it to save so much money”, or “The quality wasn’t as good as ones on sale in bridal boutiques, but we didn’t have the budget to spend any more so I was fine with it”.
So why, when it comes to the photographs, which are one of the only things you’ll have left after the wedding, do so many couples spend way less than average but are completely blind to the risks of doing so?”

Pretty well sums it up!!

You are making a financial investment in me and I am so very conscious of this; When you book me to photograph your wedding you are paying for my expertise built up over many years, my documentary style, my investment in top of the range equipment and back up equipment, an assistant at most weddings, together with consistent, and above all, beautifully edited black and white and colour imagery. I love what I do, the challenge,the sharing of wonderful times with fantastic couples who I really “get” as I hope they” get” me.

Documentary wedding photography by Suzy Mitchell Photography

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Stunning Winter Wedding at Ellingham Hall

This was a much anticipated wedding…I love a Winter wedding with it’s low light throwing shadows all over the place and this was just what we got for Becs and Chris’s Ellingham Hall Wedding up in Northumberland back in December. What a perfect way to round off a very busy wedding season.

I loved, loved, loved this wedding, it was such a joy to shoot and really lent itself to my documentary style. Becs and Chris were really relaxed and fun to be around with Ellingham Hall making the perfect backdrop to the relaxed, unposed photography which they wanted and which is always my aim to provide for my clients.

Those who know my wedding work will be surprised to see so many colour images in this post; All this “christmassy” imagery, with the beautiful warm ambient light and rich tones somehow needs rendering in colour- it seems to lose something in the black and white (and I rarely say that!)

It was my first time at Ellingham Hall which was built in the 17th Century and was used as a boys’ preparatory school from the 1950’s until the 1980’s. Always love a bit of history!

Becs wowed everyone as she walked into the ceremony on her Father’s arm in her stunning Suzanne Neville gown from the Harrogate Wedding Lounge to music by the talented Kendal String Quartet

A huge thank you to all involved; The day was orchestrated by Ellingham’s brilliant in- house wedding co-ordinator Wendy who made sure everything ran to time.

Videography by Wayne from Green Biscuit. Can’t wait to see the film!

Bridal bouquet and all the other floral fabulousness by C and C floral design

Wedding Cake by local company The Master Cakesmith

These guys certainly know how to throw a party. Check out the speech and first dance photos towards the end of the blog. Live music provided by Faye Shearer at AMV Live Music

A completely awesome wedding at Ellingham Hall but at the end of the day the Images speak for themselves.

Loved being a part of your day guys!





































































































































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Yorkshire Wedding Photographer-Suzy Mitchell Photography- Best of 2016!


With one more wedding to shoot before the end of the month it seems like the perfect time to write this post. 2016 has been my busiest wedding year to date with many stunning Yorkshire Weddings photographed, combined with a manic personal life with teens, frenetic household, busy husband has made for some interesting times,but I wouldn’t change things for the world; I feel I have risen to the challenges (and they have been tough) and somehow out of it all my imagery has got stronger and I’ve have thrived. Photography has been my escape, my passion and when I am in ” the zone” it is all consuming and that for me is it’s lure. With the help of my wonderfully supportive husband, I have managed to have probably the best year ever photographically …..I seem to have hit my stride, found my photographic niche and really motored when it comes to recording and yet simultaneously creating images under the stress of the wedding day environment and it is when those two elements combine the magic happens. I try never to direct my clients preferring the observational approach but as a wedding day unfolds I will be there creatively seeking the best angles, positions and approaches.

As a family we have had some of the best times in 2016, an amazing trip to New York being a highlight, where I took time out to recharge and fill my visual soul with lots and lots ( far too many if you ask our girls) art galleries and exhibitions. My favourite photos were the snaps we took of us all skating together with our American friends at the Rockefeller ice rink, laughing and catching up and it is this interaction between families and loved ones which I want to capture for my clients…. I may occasionally dabble in a few posed couple shots with dramatic skies and lots of photoshop but for me the real essence of a great photo is the capturing of the emotion and joy between people…a wedding is an amazing place for a photographer! Looking through this year’s weddings the most successful images by far are the ones which tell a story, my first image shows a bride’s anticipation and apprehension in those last few seconds before she walks into church.

Once again I reached the final of the Guild of Photographers wedding image of the year, I didn’t win but getting on that shortlist was pretty exciting and attending the awards dinner was a blast. Achieving a GOLD bar for a non wedding image which formed part of my personal work was pretty much up there too.

Perhaps my work is best described as “a quiet and gentle observation of emotion.”

suzy-mitchell-photography-001 suzy-mitchell-photography-002 suzy-mitchell-photography-003 suzy-mitchell-photography-004 suzy-mitchell-photography-005 suzy-mitchell-photography-006 suzy-mitchell-photography-007 suzy-mitchell-photography-008 suzy-mitchell-photography-009 suzy-mitchell-photography-010 suzy-mitchell-photography-011 suzy-mitchell-photography-012 suzy-mitchell-photography-013 suzy-mitchell-photography-014 suzy-mitchell-photography-015 suzy-mitchell-photography-016 suzy-mitchell-photography-017 suzy-mitchell-photography-018 suzy-mitchell-photography-019 suzy-mitchell-photography-020 suzy-mitchell-photography-021 suzy-mitchell-photography-022 suzy-mitchell-photography-023 suzy-mitchell-photography-024 suzy-mitchell-photography-025 suzy-mitchell-photography-026 suzy-mitchell-photography-027jpg suzy-mitchell-photography-028 suzy-mitchell-photography-029 suzy-mitchell-photography-030 suzy-mitchell-photography-031 suzy-mitchell-photography-032 suzy-mitchell-photography-033 suzy-mitchell-photography-034 suzy-mitchell-photography-035 suzy-mitchell-photography-036 suzy-mitchell-photography-037 suzy-mitchell-photography-038 suzy-mitchell-photography-039 suzy-mitchell-photography-040 suzy-mitchell-photography-041 suzy-mitchell-photography-042 suzy-mitchell-photography-043 suzy-mitchell-photography-044 suzy-mitchell-photography-045 suzy-mitchell-photography-046 suzy-mitchell-photography-047 suzy-mitchell-photography-048 suzy-mitchell-photography-049 suzy-mitchell-photography-050 suzy-mitchell-photography-051 suzy-mitchell-photography-052 suzy-mitchell-photography-053 suzy-mitchell-photography-054 suzy-mitchell-photography-055 suzy-mitchell-photography-056 suzy-mitchell-photography-057 suzy-mitchell-photography-058 suzy-mitchell-photography-059 suzy-mitchell-photography-060 suzy-mitchell-photography-061 suzy-mitchell-photography-062 suzy-mitchell-photography-063 suzy-mitchell-photography-064 suzy-mitchell-photography-065 suzy-mitchell-photography-066 suzy-mitchell-photography-067 suzy-mitchell-photography-068 suzy-mitchell-photography-069 suzy-mitchell-photography-070 suzy-mitchell-photography-071 suzy-mitchell-photography-072 suzy-mitchell-photography-073 suzy-mitchell-photography-074 suzy-mitchell-photography-075 suzy-mitchell-photography-076 suzy-mitchell-photography-077 suzy-mitchell-photography-078 suzy-mitchell-photography-079 suzy-mitchell-photography-080 suzy-mitchell-photography-081 suzy-mitchell-photography-082 suzy-mitchell-photography-083 suzy-mitchell-photography-084 suzy-mitchell-photography-085 suzy-mitchell-photography-086 suzy-mitchell-photography-087 suzy-mitchell-photography-088 suzy-mitchell-photography-089 suzy-mitchell-photography-090 suzy-mitchell-photography-091 suzy-mitchell-photography-092

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Bolton Abbey and Papakata Wedding October 2016

What a crazy crazy day! In the dark depths of Winter, when I need cheering up, I shall simply look at Vicky and Howard’s wedding photographs. A big smile spreads over my face when I relive Vicky’s morning getting ready with her 8 bridesmaids having the most fun- such energy and passion in the pursuit of having the very best of times. That little black and white montage as Vicky watched the video her bridesmaids had made to surprise her ( with Howard’s help) pretty much sums up the mood of the day! This was a high octane, high energy wedding, with changes of location, changes in weather and also changes of mood, especially during the heartfelt speeches.

I loved shooting this wedding; it was such a pleasure to spend the day with Vicky and Howard, their friends and families….this was one group of friends who certainly know how to party and their happiness and delight for the couple is evident in the images.The Priory church at Bolton Abbey is such a beautiful church in which to photograph, it’s grandeur evident, the alter a perfect back drop for images taken from the back of the church.

Many thanks to Vicky’s brothers, all the bridesmaids, best men and ushers for all their help …especially in light of the inclement weather which arrived just as we reached the Papakata tent….Check out those louring skies in some of the group shots. Some of the best documentary images come when the weather is a little unkind- billowing veils, dark skies, horizontal rain and umbrellas all add drama and atmosphere to the imagery…Viky and Howard took it all in their stride and the weather improved in the early evening allowing for some sparkler shots!

Thanks also to Sally of Priceless weddings for her meticulous planning and organisation.

Stunning bouquets and floral arrangements by the very talented Vanessa at Wildflowers Ilkley.

Marquee supplied by Papakata

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